Thomas Forsyth

1828 Birth of Thomas Forsyth

1828 Thomas was baptised at St Hilda's, South Shields on 16 April 1828

1851 Recorded on census living at 1 Wellington Terrace

1855 Death of Mother Margaretta

1857 Marriage to Sarah Wright

1858  Birth of Son Thomas Forsyth-Forrest(1858–1942) on 2 Feb 1858 in Tynemouth, Northumberland, England

1858 Death of Father Thomas Forsyth(1796–1858) on July 1858 in South Shields, Durham

1859  Birth of Daughter Laura Louise Forsyth-Forrest(1859–1891) on 9 Jun 1859 in Tynemouth, Northumberland, England

1860 Birth of Daughter Margaretta Fanny Forsyth-Forrest(1860–1943) abt 1860 in Boldon, Durham, England

1861  According to the 1861 census Thomas and his family lived at 33 Boldon House Boldon, Durham, England

1864 Thomas died in 1864 at Marsden Cottage in South Shields, Durham, England

1864 Thomas was buried on 30 Jul 1864 at St. Hilda's, South Shields, Durham, England