Thomas Forsyth 1796

Thomas Forsyth was born on 6 January 1796 in South Shields, Durham to Thomas Forsyth and  Ann Forsyth.  He had two sons and six daughters with Margaretta Wright between 1827 and 1839. He died in July 1858 in his hometown at the age of 62, and was buried there. Thomas Forsyth was a dock owner and shipbuilder like his father who  was a partner in Thomas Forsyth and Co of Thrift Street . Details of the ships built by the company can be found at the Tyne Built Ship website


6 Jan 1796 -  Thomas Forsyth was born on 6 January 1796 in South Shields, Durham, to Ann Whittingham, age 30, and Thomas Forsyth, age 31.

1799 -  His brother Nicholas was born in 1799 when Thomas was 3 years old.

1816 - Ships built by fathers company Year Ship Name D / H / P Builder 1811 Amity Forsyth & Co, South Shields 1815 Mary James Forsyth & Co, South Shields 1816 Richard Thomas Forsyth & Co, South Shields 1817 Sylvanus Thomas Forsyth, South Shields 1819 Marshall Thomas Fors

1816 -   Thomas Forsyth & Co of Thrift Street, announce purchase of Mr Temple's dry double dock at South Shields

1816 -  His father Thomas passed away in 1816 in South Shields, Durham, at the age of 51

1816  -  Married Margaretta Wright

1827 -  Birth of Daughter. Margaretta  born in 1827 in South Shields, Durham

1828  - Birth of Son Thomas born in 1828 in South Shields, Durham.

1829 - Birth of Daughter  Eleanor  born in 1829 in South Shields, Durham.

1830 - Birth of Daughter  Ann born in 1830 in South Shields, Durham.

1832  - Birth of Son Henry Wright  born in 1832 in South Shields, Durham

1834 -  Birth of Daughter Mary  born in 1834 in South Shields, Durham.

1835 - Birth of Daughter Adelaide born in 1835 in South Shields, Durham

1839 - Birth of Daughter  Julia  born in 1839 in South Shields, Durham.
1841 - Thomas Forsyth lived in Jarrow, Durham, in 1841
1851-  Thomas Forsyth lived in Westoe, Durham, in 1851.
1855 -Death of  his wife Margaretta who passed away on 1 November 1855 in South Shields, Durham, at the age of 58.
1858-   Thomas Forsyth died on the 17 August 1858  at Marsden Cottages. 
28 Sep 1858  Thomas Forsyth's will with effects under £20,000. The will was proved by  the oaths of Thomas Forsyth Forrest of Tynemouth and Henry Wright Forsyth of South Shields aforesaid Shipbuilder  the  sons of Robert Wilson  of South Shields aforesaid Ship Owner Robert Swinburne Crosthwaite of the same place Gentleman William Ash Ord of Bishop Wearmouth and William Wright of South Shields aforesaid Shipowner the Executors.