Mary Forsyth

Mary Forsyth was born in 1834 in South Shields, Durham, her father, Thomas, was 38, and her mother, Margaretta, was 37. She married Robert Swinburne Crosthwaite on 25 November 1856 in her hometown. They had three children during their marriage. She died as a young mother in October 1860 in South Shields, Durham, at the age of 26.


1834  Mary was born in  South Shields, Durham

1851  Recorded in census at living in  Whickham, Durham, England

1856  Mary married  Robert Swinburne Crosthwaite  (1825–1867) on 25 Nov 1856  at St. Hilda's South Shields, Durham, England

1858  Birth of Son Robert Forsyth Crosthwaite (1858–1937)  in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Durham, England

1858  Death of Father Thomas Forsyth in July 1858 (1796–1858)  South Shields, Durham

1859 Birth of Daughter Mary Swinburne Crosthwaite (1859–1932) in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England

1860  Birth of Son William Wright Crosthwaite (1860–1903) South Shields, Durham, England

1860  Mary died in 1869 in South Shields, Durham