Margaretta Forsyth

Margaretta Forsyth was born in 1827 in South Shields, Durham, her fatherT, was 31, and her mother, Margaretta, was 30. She married John Samuel Phene in September 1847 in her hometown. She died on 31 October 1901 in Paris, Paris, France, at the age of 74. By all accounts her marriage wasn't a happy one and she was living away from her husband in France a few years after marrying him.

1827  Margaretta was born in South Shields, Durham

1826 Margaretta as Baptised on 11 July 1826 at  St Hilda's South Shields

1841 Recorded in census lving at Whickham.

1847 She married John Samuel Phene at St Hilda's Church in Spetember 1847

1851 Recorded in census living at 90 Sloan Street, Chelsea.   Her husband was recorded as being a landed properitor and she as a lady. there was one servant living with them Sarah Lacey. Her husband  was an architect. F.R.I.B.A., 1872; F.R.G.S., 1862; F.S.A., 1872. One of the founders of the Huguenot Society and of the Japan Society. Master of the Clothworkers' Society, 1906. Designed a house in Upper Cheyne Row in a supposed Renaissance style. Died in London, Mar. 9, 1912; buried at Kensworth.

1901 She died at 90 Avenue-de-Villiers, Paris, France


Dr Phene

Dr Phene, Maid and dog oustide home