Henry Wright Forsyth

1832  Henry was born in  South Shields, Durham, England

12 Apr 1832 Henry was baptised at St. Hilda, South Shields, Durham, England

1834 Birth of Sister Mary Forsyth (1834–1860) South Shields, Durham

1835  Birth of Sister Adelaide Forsyth (1835–1915)  South Shields, Durham

1839 Birth of Sister Julia Forsyth  South Shields, Durham, England

1851  Acoording to the 1851 census Henry resided at 1 Wellington Terrace, Westoe, Durham, England

1 Nov 1855 Death of Mother Margaretta Wright (1797–1855) South Shields, Durham

July 1858  Death of Father Thomas Forsyth (1796–1858) South Shields, Durham

1858  Henry died on the 16 December 1858 in South Shields, Durham

20 Dec 1858  Henry was buried at  St. Hilda'S, South Shields, Durham, England

1859  On  7 April 1859 letter of administration of the personal estate and effects of Henry Forsyth  (effects under £4000) a bachelor deceased at South Shields aforesaid  were granted at Durham to Thomas Forsyth Forrest heretofore Thomas Forsyth of Tynemouth the brother and one of the next of kin of the said deceased having been first sworn.