Minnies Memories of Blitz

On Tuesday 2nd October 1941 South Shields market place and surrounding areas were devastated by a number of bombs by a number of bombs dropped by the Luftwaffe in an attempt to destroy the docks and all surrounding industries. On that fateful night Minnie Monkman and her friend Gladys were having a night out at the cinema, Minnie was on leave at the time she was a WAF and decided to go to Blacks Regal in King Street. During the film the air raid siren sound. Minnie hurried along Fowler Street while Gladys made her way to the Market place to board a bus before the air raid started. Unfortunately she never made it home that night or ever again. It was a terrible night for South Shield 68 people were killed in the market. This left a profound effect on Minnie, a great sadness in losing her friend.