Lisa’s Story

Lisa's Story

Below is an extract of a book Lisa is writing about her life.

This is the recollection of things that happened in my young life. My cousins wish me to put down on paper these little things they can't recall. First let me intoruduce myself my naem is Alicia Rose born to Laura Rosina married name Horn nee Ellens. I was born in 1934 a rather sickly child so I ahve been told. I had phemmonia at 3 months old and my gran was told just to go to the doctors surgery for the death certificate.  My earliest memory was when I was1 years old standing up in a cot when my cousin Clifford who was brought up my nana Ellens must of been a little jealous of me being in the house and hot me on the head with wooden betty, which had started off being a whole wooden doll but my now had no arms or legs two nails for eyes. I can remember this very clearly.

I am very proud to have been born into this family my nanna was the most wonderful person in the world. At  about the age of 3 I went to live in Glasgow with my mum as she had a job up there after being divorced from my dad. Health wise I was not so good, just before my 5th birthday I took dipheria and paralysis and spent about 4 months in hospital, when I came out my nana took me home to look after me.

On my return to South Shields I was a punny little girl and did not start school until I was almost six. Meanwhile my mum remarried in Glasgow and went on to have another little girl called Maria. Unfortunately she dies ast the age of nine months with meningitis. My nanna took over Cliff's and my life. We became brother and sister and I thought the world of him. At the start of the second world war my nanna and grandad who had not worked since about 1926 were quite poorly off so she took  in washing which Cliff and I helped to collect and tak back. She did cleaning work  and was a local helper who attended births and deaths, I remember attending a birth that was complicated and the little girl was born dead, but when the doctor arrived much later he put the little girl in hot and cold water until she revived.but the little girl was disabled for the rest of her life. My nana said she would never forgive the doctor being late.

My nana was also in the WVS and helped out quite a lot at the hall in the Nook and she ran a whist drive between her and her friends which raised money. My mums brothers and sisters had family so I had lots of cousins. On Sundays after lunch my gran would bake adn was the most marvellous cook. My grandad was quite strict you had to at your meal and whatever you didnt eat you got at the next meal. On Sunday afternoon all the family would arrive and two tables would be set one in the ,main room for the adults and one for the children  in the kitchen, We were told if we did not eat the bread and butter first we would not get any other gooides.

My nana had 10 children living and lost two, My grandad had two children to his wife before meeting my nana. Unfortunately she died after the birth of her second son Albert.