Margaret K

Memories of Cleadon Park Santorium

In the late 1940’s when Margaret was 18 she and her sister caught TB from her brother. Her brother had returned from working in India and had caught TB out there. Unfortunatley her sister who was 19 at the time died of TB in January 1949. “I remember our bedroom was sealed off and sterilised. Two neighbours Mrs Burny and Mrs Roy came and washed my sisters body and laid it out for the funeral. At the time we were encouraged to see the body and stroke her face which I found very upsetting. I never went in that bedroom again”.

Margaret remembers recieiving treatment for TB at Cleadon Park Santorium. She stayed there for 6 months on the first floor. Every night they were given guinness to drink but she hated the stuff so would step out onto the balcony and lower it down with her dressing gown cord to the ground floors mens ward. Once the men drank the bottle they would return it so she could give the nurse the empty bottle back pretending she had drunk it. The hospital wanted to send her for an operation to Poole but she didn’t want to so discharged herself. She realises now that it was a foolish thing to do as it could have killed her.

Memories of the Nit Nurse
” I hated the day the nit nurse came and would comb our hair through”.